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see you on the flippity-flop.

Today exceeded the 100-degree mark. When I woke up, I went ahead and played Arkham City for 3 hours before  doing anything productive. It's a beautiful game.

There was a power outage yesterday for about an hour, and that makes sense. There's been a season-long heatwave, and our air conditioner's been pumping nonstop. That makes the second power outage I've experienced this summer, and hopefully the last.

Speaking of the air conditioner, I bought an Amazonlocal deal for a supply vent cleaning. The guys came over last week, and they cleaned out a lot of dust and possibly bacteria. The guy showed me on this fiber optic camera that reached into one of our "return" vents (they suck up air),  these clumps of dust-like objects, and sold them to me as bacteria, mold, etc. The vents look real nice though. I can actually see the shine in the vents.

The Amazonlocal deal was $49 for a basic clean, but I ended up pushing my mom for a $400 return + supply vent cleaning, furnace cleaning for a 3-year warranty. Here's how I think of it: the house hasn't had any kind of vent cleaning since it was built, and we get the next 3 years of cleaning as well.

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past few weeks

Last week I had an on-site interview in Wisconsin. The company has a very unique philosophy, and not only did they pay for my hotel, they provided the taxi for me to get between the hotel and the interview! It was an excellent experience. They toured me around the buildings and I got a good sense of the community there. I'd love for nothing else but to work there.

My mother and sister drove with me to Wisconsin, and I was a little surprised at how the car trip turned out. We had a conversation, the three of us, and we talked about my mom's life and important milestones in her life. We talked about the baby she aborted, and how she found our dad. It was really surprising to me, because we'd never talked about that kind of stuff with my mom. It was eye-opening.

I'm not banking on nailing the position, but if I don't, at least I'll have a good memory of my family.

Right now I'm housesitting for a colleague. There are two cats, and one of them really likes to yowl. It yowls around meal times, and at night, and sometimes when it looks at me. It keeps staring at my ankles, I have no idea why. This yowling, it's not good for people with low self-esteem. I guess Jon (from Garfield) deals with it by self-delusion, but I don't think that's healthy.

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It's going, going. . . it's gone.

I have 150 minutes of class left in my undergraduate career. That's a bit over 2 hours. Just a bit over 2 hours and then I'm that much closer to being a Bachelor in the arts.

It's probably important to talk about my final year at university. I went into it, optimistic. In the summer before this school year, I fucked up my body. I gave myself scars that will never go away, and they'll stay with me to death. We're all going to die, and I realized that this summer, so I went into the school year, ready to take advantage of life. I fell in love with comic books again. The New52 breathed some new life into the medium, and I got hungry for it again. I saw my friends more. I e-mailed colleagues from last year to go to festivals with me. I told a girl I liked her.

I got a kindle fire, and it's changed my horizons. The world is that much closer with a tablet in my hands. I learned to appreciate music, and I got into Ellie Goulding, The Blue Scholars and others. Right now I'm listening to Flight of the Conchords. They're a folk parody duo, and the majority of their output was in 2008. (They are now married, and they no longer do gigs, because, what's the point of being in a band when you've already got a girl?)

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I'm beginning to think that my parents are neglecting the house. Two examples:
  1. Our smoke detector's been beeping on and off, whining for a new battery. This had been going on since Thanksgiving. I got batteries for it last week, though, don't worry. We're not going to die from smoke inhalation.
  2. We have two milks in the fridge. Three days ago my mom got a 1-gal., but she doesn't seem to notice the 1/2-gal. in there. The 1/2-gal expired a week ago.
Also, it's really cold here, I've had to wear two layers and a hat just typing this up.

This might be because I have so little body fat. I've finished Bram Stoker's Dracula so here are some of my thoughts.
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Vanity, thy name is airhike

So I got a haircut this month! It was probably one of the first that wasn't from my dad or another family member. I went to the local Sportclips and used a coupon that I had from my last visit, and got a student discount. I showed the stylist what I was looking for (classic short), and she cut it all off and styled it. We talked about our neighborhoods and our favorite books and since we had such a good conversation I decided not to use the coupon.

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Napalm and Silly Putty: Selections

It's been an easygoing week for me. I spent Monday and Tuesday working on a paper, listening to Ellie Goulding.

She is so pretty. I'm in love with her voice. Today I finished an e-book on my kindle fire. Napalm and Silly Putty by George Carlin. He died a while ago, but he was a stand-up comic. The title of this book comes from his realization that people have created something so destructive as the atom bomb, yet they've also created something as silly as silly putty. Much of his humor comes from being angry and making fun of human foibles. In the book he also takes mundane things and makes jokes out of them! I had a laugh.

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Lady GaGa - Americano .mp3
Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My parents came from China and I was born here, in Chicago. I'm Chinese-American, but I wasn't always really aware of it. All the kids in my class were Chinese. My world was limited to school, so I just figured that was normal in the United States of America.

It was the summer after. . . after 4th grade I think. Something like that, where I was friends with the hispanic kid a few houses left of ours. Carlos was his name. We were friends because we both liked to bike around in the summer. He introduced me to Toonami, though I didn't care much for it. We were walking on the sidewalk one time, and Carlos was telling me about a fight he got into, with his friends. He showed me a cut on his lip. He told me it was because his friends didn't want him to have a Chinese friend. That was probably the first time I thought about being Chinese.

Now that I'm back home for Thanksgiving break, a few more thoughts have come to me. When I eat dinner with the family and the family's friends, the main selling point of my existence is that I'm hao guai, that is, very peaceful and obedient. That is, I never talk during dinner. This is completely the opposite when I'm out with friends, western or otherwise. If I don't talk, it's an awkward affair! My obedience has nothing to do with the dinner at hand! The same goes for car rides. When my friend or boss (both caucasian) drive me back to campus from work, they expect a conversation -- we talk about upcoming events in our lives and whatnot. But, when I'm getting a ride from my uncle -- nothing! I'll thank him at the end, but we don't talk about much.

These are two different customs that I have to balance, and for some people that's easy. Not for me. Not for the socially challenged.

Which brings me to the blog. I post here so infrequently, I've been thinking of closing this one (keeping it as an archive) and posting its content to my blogger account. The thing is, what happens when someone searches for "shirtless Batman," runs into my blog and then runs into posts about some weirdo being Chinese-American? Does that really help the blog?

These thoughts, they've only been simmering, though. They're not yet at a full boil. Let me know what you think.

NEXT: I've finished an e-book on my Kindle Fire. Come back so I can share my thoughts with you.

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music to read to

UNKLE - Hold My Hand .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Halloween: My bosses at the after-school program asked me about where I was when the kids came to campus for the on-campus Halloween program. It surprised me that the kids actually remembered me, that last year I dressed up as a low-budget Megaman to meet them there. It made me feel like I was worth something -- it made me incredibly happy that they thought of me, because I was just feeling like crap at the time.

I'd e-mailed a bunch of my friends about a Halloween movie I was planning, and none of them had responded. It made me feel like crap, like no one wanted to be my friend. I'll go to class, and I will literally spend the hour staring at the chalkboard, afraid that the person next to me will make eye contact. It's absurd how one can feel alone in a campus of 40,000. It's ridiculous.

What I'm trying to say is, it was nice to have someone think of me. Last minute, my friend got a couple of mutual friends to come. I dressed up as Cyclops from the X-Men: I made a swag collared shirt to mimic the leather jacket, and I taped red cellophane to my glasses. I went out with them to see THE THING at the movies in costume. It was a good, psychological thriller. A few people gave me weird stares, but a few people knew who I was too. That made it worth it.

The song is a remix of Unkle's "Hold My Hand." This remix by KI:Theory makes it a much better song. They have about 5 albums on their website, all for free download. The albums are all remixes of other songs, so while the songs will sound similar in tone, they rarely cohere, so I haven't bothered to download any. You can find them on youtube.

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So I was at this dinner party or something. It was outdoors and I was at the head of the table. I didn't recognize anyone at the table / remember who they were, but Jan from corporate was serving these entrees. Maybe something to do with raspberries.

Jan goes inside to get the next plate, and I see Michael hand her some plates. Except I can't see his face. He's wearing a suit and tie, and I only see the back of his head: it's half-gray hair on there.

When I woke up, I started to think about it. Of course Michael wouldn't be happy with Jan. Of course he'd be graying early. The sex was frightening and there was no companionship. What was my subconscious thinking? It's so good that Michael ended up with Holly.

Last weekend I was looking at old Office clips on hulu to see Steve Carrell. Maybe I had Michael in the back of my mind or something.

Check out the music I'm listening to today. It's from the Blue Scholars, an underground hip-hop group from Seattle. They're my favorite hip-hop group for their beats and intelligent lyrics. In this video they remix The XX's "Intro," a song that played in the 2010 winter olympics.

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It came today!

Me and Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America
It's me and Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America! Pawnee is the fictional town in Parks and Recreation, and it is a character just as much as everyone else. It's splendid the way they add Pawnee history into episodes, and culture, and one of my (many) favorite aspects of the show.

Welcome to Pawnee, IN!

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